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Support Kite the Reef Expedition

This is pretty awesome - a group of kitesurfers attempting a world record by kitesurfing 1000km across the Great  Barrier Reef to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease research.Yellow Front Door is supporting them at their launch party in Bondi - check it all out facebook.com/kitethereefWhile they're cold and wet, keep yourself warm and cosy with some Yellow [...]

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What Exactly is Merino Wool?

At Yellow Front Door, we’re pretty specific about the wool cushions and throws we source - they need to be 100% pure, and made from merino wool or soft lambswool. Wool is a wonderful, warm, soft, renewable resource. It’s insulating, water-repellent, very durable, and perfect to snuggle up to in winter.So how does merino wool [...]

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Skiing at Cardrona, New Zealand

I had a well earned break from Yellow Front Door last month - and took my family skiing in New Zealand. I could rave for days about how amazing it was....you can read all about it on my blog yellowfrontdoorblog.blogspot.com.au/2015/07/awesome-skiing-at-cardrona-new-zealand.html

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Sunbrella outdoor fabric - why is it so great?

Sunbrella is a brand of outdoor fabrics - starting out in 1961 they originally specialised in awnings, sail covers and marine upholstery. Sunbrella has come a long way in 50 years - now producing an incredibly extensive range of fabrics suitable for various uses in the outdoors.New technology in the way the yarn is woven [...]

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Don't miss Vivid Sydney 2015!

Vivid Sydney is back, and definitely as good as previous years . The light installations and accompanying music are incredible, pure bliss, and Sydney Harbour is really showcased to its full potential. Most of it is visual but some of it is interactive and tactile, and kids will love it just as much as adults.The [...]

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Eco-friendly Cushions from China?

If choosing products that are organic, eco-friendly and socially responsible is important to you, discover our range by Tu Textiles.Set up by two expat women living in Beiing, Tu Textiles looks to traditional Chinese patterns and motifs, and re-creates these onto certified organic cotton. The result is a range that is beautiful, luxurious and timeless.They use water-based [...]

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Choosing the Perfect Wool Cushions and Throws

Winter has really arrived today! A wonderful way to celebrate the change in season is to change your sofa and bedroom cushions and throws. Put away your light, bright summer cushions and throws and bring out or buy some warm, snuggly winter ones.Read our blog article here yellowfrontdoorblog.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/choosing-right-winter-cushionsAbove: Gabrielle Vary's Sunset Throw with orange stitching $199 www.yellowfrontdoor.com.au/products/sunset

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Local Eateries with Cool Design

I've done some exploring around Sydney and NSW and found some fantastic and inspiring design in restaurants, cafes and bars (like the Coogee Pavilion below). It certainly inspires me for my own house, and keeps me up to date with products and pieces for Yellow Front Door.Read all about it here:http://yellowfrontdoorblog.blogspot.com.au/2015/04...

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Learn how to Create a Cosy and Beautiful Bedroom this Winter

Bedrooms are the most personal rooms in the house. A bedroom should be beautiful and relaxing, and offer you a feeling of peace, safety and comfort. Given that approximately one third of our lives are spent sleeping, it’s important to get this room right. Carefully consider colour, texture, lighting and furniture, and introduce elements that [...]

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Gaia Retreat and Spa - simply beautiful

I was lucky enough to spend four blissful days at Gaia Retreat and Spa in the Byron Bay hinterland last week. What a treat! I really felt spoilt and pampered, and had a good dose of much-needed TLC. Plus it's a great place to reflect on life, change bad habits or start new ones.From the [...]

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Kate Unsworth in Bondi Beach, NSW, AU on Houzz

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