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Sally Nencini

Sally Nencini has a beautiful range of super-soft lambswool cushions, and we stock Tapestry, Cross Stitch Flowers, Big Tree and Little Birdie.

Originally from Northern Ireland, she is now based in London, and her designs are inspired by traditional motifs, nature, birds, flowers and trees. Her work is also influenced by her love of vintage fabrics and vintage toys, especially Galt and Abbatt wooden puzzles and card games.

She has always been creative, studying menswear at the Royal College of London, and working for fashion companies such as Levi's and M&S. After having children, she left the fashion world and took her creative energies in a new direction, setting up her eponymous label.

She draws on her passion for texture, surface pattern and handworked craft when designing and machine-knitting her cushions, blankets and toys. All her products are made from softest lambswool, designed, spun and knitted in the UK.


Kate Unsworth in Bondi Beach, NSW, AU on Houzz

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