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Tu Textiles

Inspirational company Tu Textiles is based in Beijing and specialises in organic cotton fabrics and cushions. It was founded by Rebecca Churn and Jill Lewis, from Australia and the US respectively, expats living in Beijing who found themselves frustrated by the lack of good quality fabrics in China. So they decided to set up Tu Textiles which focuses on ethical and environmentally-friendly production methods. The unique designs are a celebration of traditional Chinese symbols and architecture.

Kate at Yellow Front Door met Rebecca recently on a trip back to Sydney, and was impressed with the company’s style and ethos, so found out more ...

Before launching the company, Tu Textiles spent months speaking to countless printers and weavers to find the most ecologically sound methods possible. The designs are printed onto GOTS-certified organic fabric, with every step in the production process meeting international ethical and ecological standards. They use the latest digital printing methods with water-based inks (although not strictly organic, they are considered extremely safe). They then have the fabric sewn into cushions in Beijing at independent workshops, allowing them to support local businesses and craftsmanship.

Why organic? Making textiles can be very toxic, from the pesticides used in growing the fibers to the chemicals used in printing. Also, water and energy are often wasted in the process. All this contributes to soil, air and water pollution. Tu Textiles believes that supporting and encouraging cleaner, greener textile production is one way to make the world a healthier place.

The designs are a fresh, contemporary take on Chinese patterns, symbols, and architectural details that have been around for hundreds of years. It’s a great mix of old and new, East meets West. The designs are classic, timeless and sophisticated, yet have a freshness and uniqueness to them. The colours are bold and energetic, and many cushions come in several colourways to suit any interior.





Kate Unsworth in Bondi Beach, NSW, AU on Houzz

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